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Top 5 Podcasts for 2021

"The Digital Thread" Recognized as one of the Top 20 Podcasts on Digital Industry


Momenta's Podcast Turned 150 in 2021 and received recognition as one of the Top 20 podcasts on Digital Industry Transformation! Listen to the podcast series, "THE DIGITAL THREAD," which is packed with firsthand information on the ups and downs of digital transformation and digital innovation.


Bringing thought leaders, subject matter experts, and entrepreneurs from the Internet of Things (IoT) industry together to share their knowledge, experience, and expertise on DX. Our podcasts aim to bring hard-earned wisdom in the form of candid conversations that reveal tips, stories, and lessons that you can immediately apply to your own life and business.

Since the Momenta Podcast debuted in 2018, we've interviewed over 150 thought leaders, industry influencers, investors, entrepreneurs, practitioners, and authors. 

All of our episodes should provide you with useful ideas, strategies, and vision to help boost your own Digital Industry leadership journey. Here are the top 5 for 2021!



Co-Creating an Intelligent Planet

Co-Creating an Intelligent Planet with K.C Liu, Chairman, and Co-founder of Advantech, a nearly $2 billion global industrial intelligence leader.

K.C. founded Advantech, a leader in innovative, embedded, and automation products and solutions. He's continued as Chairman driving the Company to be recognized by Interbrand every year since 2013. The company has been named one of the Top 10 Global Brands from Taiwan. 

In this episode, K.C Liu, speaks about why Advantech chose a niche market from the start, and how investing in ecosystem growth today is a big task and the cornerstone for any successful business. 




The Future of Autonomous Navigation!

Fixposition, a Swiss firm that provides exact positioning for autonomous things.  

The autonomous car market is expected to develop at a 60 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) over the next decade, according to analysts. Automobiles and trucks, as well as wholly new vehicles, will soon be able to operate in human-augmented and fully autonomous modes.

Fixposition is on a mission to make cost-effective, reliable, high-precision positioning accessible to everyone. Tune in as Ken speaks to Dr. Su, the Digital Shaper of Switzerland, about autonomous navigation.





New Data Revolution; The Golden Age of Data!

Milind Chitgupakar, is the Co-founder and Chief Analytics Officer of Modak Analytics, a boutique data engineering services company that enables enterprises to effectively manage and utilize their data landscape. Modak uses machine learning (ML) techniques to transform how analytic content is prepared, consumed, and shared.

What does this New Data Revolution mean for businesses? Why are more and more organizations turning to big data analytics to achieve their business goals? Tune in to find out!





Engineering What's Ahead; Digital Optimization Aerospace to Automotive!

Prith Banerjee, Chief Technology Officer at Ansys, is a leader in engineering simulation.

Ken speaks with Prith Banerjee, who is doing some fantastic work with AIML. Prith's impressive track record of accomplishments in academics, large corporations, and startups makes for an interesting discussion — make sure to tune in!





Leveraging AI for Industry; Accelerate Transformation with Emerging Technologies!

Cyril Perducat, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Rockwell Automation. Cyril joined Rockwell following a 25-year career with Schneider Electric, where he most recently served as Executive Vice President, Internet of Things and Digital Offers.

Tune in to find out how Rockwell Automation's latest acquisition positioned them for the next generation of Smart Manufacturing.



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