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Building the next generation of digital industry leaders.

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Momenta is the leading Digital Industry Venture Capital + Growth firm

We back the next generation of digital and deep tech innovators and disruptors building the future of industry.

Digital Industry Portfolio

Join our Digital Industry ecosystem and strengthen your capabilities worldwide.

SST wireless is a Momenta client
AKUA is a Momenta client
Koubachi is a Momenta client
PLAT.ONE is a Momenta client
ThingWorx is a Momenta client
Alleantia is a Momenta Client
Cloudleaf is a Momenta client
crate.io is a Momenta client
Decision Engines is a Momenta client
Continual is a Momenta client
Kolmostar is a Momenta client
FLEET is a Momenta client
dizmo is a Momenta client
Eigen Innovations is a Momenta client
Embedor Technologies is a Momenta client
EquipmentShare is a Momenta client
Expeto is a Momenta client
Freewire is a Momenta client
Geli is a Momenta client
Litmus is a Momenta client
NanoThings is a Momenta client
nwave is a Momenta client
parquery is a Momenta client
InSkill is a Momenta Portfolio company
sensewaves is a Momenta client
senseye is a Momenta client
Sight Machine is a Momenta client
soofa is a Momenta client
Thingstream is a Momenta client
Xage is a Momenta client
ChemTech is a Momenta client
HighByte is a Momenta client
Smartex is a Momenta client
Edge Impulse is a Momenta client
Pulse Industrial  is a Momenta client

In every industry there is a firm - often discreet - that everyone knows, trusts and holds in uniformly high regard. For Connected Industry, Momenta is that firm.

Jon Sobel
Co-Founder & CEO

The team at Momenta knows how to deliver next generation technology due to their extensive expertise in the connected product market. We could not be more pleased to partner with them as we deliver on our mission to put customers back at the center of the support experience.

Dale Calder
Founder & CEO

Momenta isn't like everyone else, they aren't followers. They see and believe what will be next and make big bets. Momenta's tech focused team also make valuable connections, both with hires and customers that can lift the company up. They act on what will move the industry forward and build a more connected world.

Antonio Pellegrino
Founder & CEO

It has been a long journey for Parquery and Momenta has been highly supportive since the very beginning, The Momenta team has provided exceptional business/market expertise, valuable startup environment insights, and general wisdom.

Andrea Fossati
Founder & CEO

Fleet has a big vision to enable IIoT everywhere on Earth using LPWAN technologies with nanosatellites. Such a bold vision will only come together with a team like Momenta next to us. Their understanding of the market, present and future, and our customers’ evolving needs is equal to none and they really believe in us as founders, our team and our technologies.

Flavia Tata Nardini
Co-Founder & CEO

Momenta’s network has been highly valuable to AKUA. Momenta’s leadership involvement in the IoT ecosystem has provided valuable insight and key connections as we position for continuing growth.

Neil Furukawa

I’m very grateful for having had the opportunity to work with Momenta. While most investors claim to be smart money, Momenta delivered with their deep understanding of digital industry, relevant networks and focused growth services.

Philipp Bolliger

Our Latest Investments

We take a sincere interest in understanding our candidates’ professional objectives


We invest in solutions accelerating the digitization of energy/utilities, manufacturing, smart spaces and supply chain/mobility - full-stack and deep technology – across the DNA of Devices, Networks and Applications. We focus on early growth companies (Seed thru Series B) in Europe and North America.


We see our investment as just a first step in a long-term relationship. Starting we our pre-investment assessment, we build value creation roadmaps with our investment partners, developing commercial, talent and operational plans leveraging our deep venture industrialists’ industry knowledge, engineering, financial, and entrepreneurial capabilities.

Investment Criteria


Early Stage to Early Growth


North America and Europe


Deep Industry and startup experience


Potential for solid return


Digital Industry


A good ecosystem fit, complementing our partners and portfolio

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We are Venture Industrialists

We invest in companies that have the potential to reshape markets or disrupt existing industries. Our Venture Industrialists seek out innovators who are developing unique, proprietary technological or scientific solutions that have the potential to disrupt existing industries. To assist the success of our portfolio, we combine our capital resources with our extensive network of partners and investors. We don’t simply finance companies; we work with them to achieve lean, smart, and long-term growth that leads to a successful exit. We also work with financial investors that share our vision.

Michael Dolbec
Managing Partner

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