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Momenta is the leading digital industry venture capital firm accelerating digital innovators across energy, manufacturing, smart spaces and supply chain.



Full Stack Industrial Ecosystem

Our DIF I invests in early-stage startups creating digital solutions and technologies within Energy, Manufacturing, Smart Spaces and Supply Chain. We invest across the entire solution stack, from sensors to enterprise software. Since 2014, we’ve backed 30+ disruptors, with successful exits to major industrials.



Industrial Edge Ecosystem

Our DIF II maintains the same sector focus with a focus on the Industrial Edge; technologies and solutions that leverage edge computing and communications. Since 2019, we've invested in 5 edge leaders.


SST wireless is a Momenta client
AKUA is a Momenta client
Koubachi is a Momenta client
PLAT.ONE is a Momenta client
ThingWorx is a Momenta client
Cloudleaf is a Momenta client
crate.io is a Momenta client
Decision Engines is a Momenta client
Continual is a Momenta client
Kolmostar is a Momenta client
FLEET is a Momenta client
dizmo is a Momenta client
Eigen Innovations is a Momenta client
Embedor Technologies is a Momenta client
EquipmentShare is a Momenta client
Expeto is a Momenta client
Freewire is a Momenta client
Geli is a Momenta client
Litmus is a Momenta client
NanoThings is a Momenta client
nwave is a Momenta client
Mutable is a Momenta client
parquery is a Momenta client
RevTwo is a Momenta client
sensewaves is a Momenta client
senseye is a Momenta client
Sight Machine is a Momenta client
soofa is a Momenta client
Thingstream is a Momenta client
Xage is a Momenta client
ChemTech is a Momenta client
HighByte is a Momenta client
Smartex is a Momenta client
Edge Impulse is a Momenta client
Pulse Industrial  is a Momenta client
Conservation Labs is a Momenta client

In every industry there is a firm - often discreet - that everyone knows, trusts and holds in uniformly high regard. For Connected Industry, Momenta is that firm.

Jon Sobel, CEO and Co-Founder

The team at Momenta knows how to deliver next generation technology due to their extensive expertise in the connected product market. We could not be more pleased to partner with them as we deliver on our mission to put customers back at the center of the support experience.

Dale Calder, Founder and CEO

Momenta isn't like everyone else, they aren't followers. They see and believe what will be next and make big bets. Momenta's tech focused team also make valuable connections, both with hires and customers that can lift the company up. They act on what will move the industry forward and build a more connected world.

Antonio Pellegrino, Founder & CEO

It has been a long journey for Parquery and Momenta has been highly supportive since the very beginning, The Momenta team has provided exceptional business/market expertise, valuable startup environment insights, and general wisdom.

Andrea Fossati, Founder & CEO

Fleet has a big vision to enable IIoT everywhere on Earth using LPWAN technologies with nanosatellites. Such a bold vision will only come together with a team like Momenta next to us. Their understanding of the market, present and future, and our customers’ evolving needs is equal to none and they really believe in us as founders, our team and our technologies.

Flavia Tata Nardini, CEO and Co-founder

Momenta’s network has been highly valuable to AKUA. Momenta’s leadership involvement in the IoT ecosystem has provided valuable insight and key connections as we position for continuing growth.

Neil Furukawa, CEO

I’m very grateful for having had the opportunity to work with Momenta. While most investors claim to be smart money, Momenta delivered with their deep understanding of digital industry, relevant networks and focused growth services.

Philipp Bolliger, CEO



Digital Industry
companies in which
we’ve invested

Through our Digital Industry Funds, Momenta Ventures has invested in over 40 early-stage companies. We don’t simply finance companies, we help founders achieve lean, smart and sustained growth, ultimately leading to a strong exit.


Expand Supply

Investments in “end” devices driving compelling edge capabilities including:



Demand Side

Create pull via investments that build “high visibility” value on top of edge devices and data:

Smart spaces
Supply chain


Accelerate Enterprise

Investments that support and facilitate the deployment of devices at scale:

Device management
Deployment services
Data attestation
App building blocks


Led by deep industry practitioners, our global presence and sector focus provides our portfolio with growth, insights and talent.
As a part of Momenta Partners, we see unique deal-flow and early industry trends, while our portfolio companies benefit from our leading Digital Industry Advisory and Executive Search practices.

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Comprehensive understanding of emerging digital technology in industry
MP_ventures_iconAsset 69@2x
Strong operating partners providing acceleration and talent
MP_ventures_iconAsset 70@2x
A proven track record of entrepreneurial and commercial success
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Global experience in venture investing

Talk to Our Ventures Team

Ken Forster, Momenta Ventures

Ken Forster

Executive Director

Digital Industry requires established companies to quickly formulate new business models and accelerate towards greater value creation. It’s a reinvention process, one which Momenta Partners has repeatedly helped customers successfully navigate.

Ken Forster, Momenta Ventures
Ken Forster
Executive Director

Digital Industry veteran building ‘connected’ products, services, and businesses for over 30 years with senior leadership roles at ThingWorx, Syngenta, Coca-Cola and Philip Morris. He founded Momenta Partners and several industrial automation companies. Ken resides in Switzerland and maintains an office in the 'cloud'.

Ben Steven, Momenta Ventures

Ben Steven

Associate Partner

A Digital Industry strategy delivers value if, and only if, it results in transformation of the client’s DNA. Our experienced industry practitioners and proven methodologies deliver business results – both organic and inorganic.

Ben Steven, Momenta Ventures
Ben Steven
Associate Partner

Investor, operator, and entrepreneur with 15+ years’ experience in venture capital, business management, and investments. Ben combines expertise from investing in both private and public markets, owning and managing a precision manufacturing business, and as startup CFO. He has worked with clients in 35+ countries and all segments of the corporate hierarchy. Most recently Ben was a VC Investor at Venture University.

Stephen Berard, Momenta Ventures

Stephen Berard

Ventures CTO, Principal Partner

Too often organizations start their digital transformation journey with technology. We, first and foremost, start with a deep understanding of the client’s business.  The result is a strategy specifically tailored to the client and its industry dynamics.

Stephen Berard, Momenta Ventures
Stephen Berard
Ventures CTO, Principal Partner

Seasoned Digital Industry professional with over 20 years of software architecture, design, and implementation experience. Advisor to industrial enterprises and CTO of Momenta Ventures portfolio of early stage startups. Stephen has extensive experience in the latest IIoT cloud architecture, design, development, and operations. Prior to Momenta, Stephen was the Chief Architect for Schneider Electric’s IoT platform technologies team where he drove the technical platform strategy alongside global business units to support their connected products and services. His prior experience includes over 7 years as technical Program Manager for the Microsoft Windows Core OS team where he advanced data center power management, drove battery life improvements, and defined the connected standby experience.

Lee Carter, Momenta Ventures

Lee Carter

Associate Partner

Our client’s greatest untapped opportunity is combining their core product and service strengths with digital technology to realize new business value. I help our clients activate their Digital Industry journey and execute M&A transactions.

Lee Carter, Momenta Ventures
Lee Carter
Associate Partner

Venture and startup professional with experience investing in remote connectivity, edge technologies & applications, distributed energy, mobile payments and blockchain technology. Lee was most recently Principal at Reflective Ventures where he was responsible for full-lifecycle investing in early stage companies. He also has a wealth of experience in operational roles. He now leads investments out of our Edge Ecosystem Fund.

Pitch Your Startup

Ensure that your company aligns with Momenta’s Investment Focus/Areas strategy and positioning


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