Jan 7, 2022 | 5 min read

Placement Announcement

Aquicore Appoints Cleve Adams

The Momenta Executive Search team congratulates Cleve Adams on his placement as Chief Executive Officer of Aquicore.


Aquicore, a leading platform for digitizing real estate operations and optimizing buildings, has appointed Cleve Adams as Chief Executive Officer.  


Adams has over 24 years of deep industry experience in founding and leading innovative technology firms. As CEO, he successfully completed five exits, resulting in an average 21x ROI for investors. Most notably, as co-founder of SaaS/Cloud cyber security software company WebSense, Adams founded, grew, and led a record-breaking $1.0B IPO in less than three years (now Forcepoint).


As CEO of Aquicore, Adams will oversee the company's overall short- and long-term strategic growth and investment plans, as well as develop its go-to-market strategy to drive revenue and customer growth for the company's data and analytics platform.


Adams' extensive leadership expertise includes roles on the Board of Directors, CEO, executive management, operations, and sales and marketing in security software, AI, mobile, wireless, SaaS/Cloud, mobile security, and Fintech.


Aquicore is a data and analytics platform on a mission to accelerate the decarbonization of real estate. Momenta understands their need to attract top technology leaders like Mr. Adams whose investment vision, global connections, drive, and domain expertise will be key to accelerating future innovation and profitability”, said Richard White, Managing Partner of Momenta’s Executive Search Practice.


Adams holds a Presidential Key Executive Master of Business Administration from Pepperdine University Graziadio School of Business and Management. He serves as a member of Forbes CEO Council and was also named One of The Top 50 Non-Technical Founders in Tech Industry History by The Huffington Post.





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About Aquicore

Aquicore is a smart building platform that enables industry-leading commercial real estate portfolios and property teams to remotely monitor their energy and facilities and transform outdated operations and maintenance routines into sophisticated resource-saving projects. The only industry player built from the ground up as a portfolio-wide solution, Aquicore intelligently links on-site action with financial, energy, and operational outcomes, helping executives and property teams know how buildings are performing, where to invest resources, coordinate project execution across a portfolio, and measure the impacts of digital solutions across a portfolio. The Aquicore platform is currently deployed with commercial real estate leaders at more than 1,000 commercial buildings nationwide, optimizing more than 275 million square feet of real estate. For more information, visit www.aquicore.com. Follow on Twitter @Aquicore.



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