Aug 31, 2023 | 3 min read

PervasID Welcomes Peter Oram as CEO

Driving Ambitious Plans: Peter Oram Takes the Reins at PervasID 


Momenta’s Executive Search team congratulates Peter Oram on his appointment as Chief Executive Officer at PervasID, a company renowned for its award-winning technology that offers unique passive RFID solutions featuring exceptional detection capabilities.


Peter Oram's distinguished background positions him as an exceptional choice to lead PervasID's ambitious expansion plans. He most recently served as the CEO of NBT Group, a recognized leader in providing RFID inventory control and tracking solutions across a spectrum of industries, including automotive, pharmaceuticals, food, and advanced manufacturing. Oram's tenure at NBT witnessed remarkable growth, underscoring his outstanding leadership acumen. Prior to this role, Oram showcased his strategic prowess by founding, managing, and facilitating the acquisition of a company that harnessed the potential of RFID-enabled systems within the supply chain sector.


With Peter Oram stepping in as CEO, PervasID enters a new chapter of growth and innovation. Oram's visionary leadership promises to shape the trajectory of the company and pave the way for unprecedented advancements in the industry.


“Embracing the opportunity to lead this company is a privilege,” Peter said. “As we drive PervasID forward, our commitment to excellence resonates through the heart of our technology – the most accurate passive RFID system in existence. With applications spanning Retail, Logistics, Industry, and Healthcare, we’re not just redefining detection; we’re reshaping industries, enriching experiences, and illuminating a brighter technological future.”


Kathleen Avery, Principal Partner of Momenta’s Executive Search practice, reflects on the successful search, stating, "It's evident that PervasID has strategically positioned itself to redefine the RFID landscape. Oram's impressive track record of achievements reaffirms our confidence in his ability to steer PervasID's worldwide growth adeptly."



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