Founded: 2019 | HQ: Frankfurt am Main Germany





Tvarit is a Frankfurt-based startup targeting zero-waste manufacturing. The company has developed an AI-powered solution for the metal manufacturing industry. Tvarit’s software helps manufacturers collect, analyze, and interpret data in real-time to make informed decisions that improve efficiency, reduce cost, and enhance product quality.



Metal manufacturing processes are very complex, with up to 50 steps turning raw materials into final products. Casting, where molten metal is poured into a mold and cooled to the point that it is hard, is the top contributor to scrap and energy consumption. The casting process involves 20-30 parameters that are currently manually operated. Total scrap during the metal manufacturing process can reach up to 25% of the final product. There are big cost savings potentials but currently; more technology solutions are needed that address the scrap and energy efficiency problems in metal manufacturing, especially casting.



Tvarit has developed a solution targeting sustainable and zero-waste manufacturing in the metal industry. Tvarit’s Industrial AI (TiA) software suite includes Prescriptive Quality (PsQ) and Prescriptive Energy (PsE) modules that analyze 100s of parameters in real-time and provide continuous, accurate prescriptions and accurate insights to help machine operators to reduce scrap and machine downtime and energy losses and achieve higher production throughput. TiA can reduce manufacturing quality defects (scrap) by 50% and reduce energy costs by up to 30%, leading to higher profitability and substantially reduced emissions. The company focuses on the metal casting process in Aluminum and Steel manufacturing with successful wheel and other automotive component manufacturing deployments.