Oct 11, 2019 | 5 min read

Pulse Check: Talent in September 2019

The Momenta Pulse Check series highlights recent developments in the Digital Industry. Pulse Checks are designed to help you keep track of the ever-changing and rapidly growing global Digital Industry. Our weekly Pulse Checks delve into one of four categories: Digital Industry, Emerging Technology, Talent and Ventures. In this week’s Pulse Check, we have highlighted recent developments pertaining to Talent.

Technology and connectivity are developing rapidly, and Digital Industry solutions companies must have the proper talent to navigate through and manage constantly changing tech demands, innovations and trends. Digital Industry is becoming increasingly crowded with solutions companies and it is often personnel that determines the success of one enterprise over another.

Our Talent Pulse Checks will help keep you informed of recent announcements and developments pertaining to Digital Industry hiring and talent. In the context of individual enterprises, hiring moves can provide insight into a company’s focus and direction. Furthermore, widespread hiring trends are an indication of where the industry as a whole is headed.

In this Talent Pulse Check, we have elaborated on recent Digital Industry senior sales and executive level hires. We also look at a recent list released by CRN and a crypto/blockchain-focused New York State job posting. Lastly, we have highlighted a recent Deloitte study that includes survey-based insight into technology talent hiring.


New IoT sales hires:

On October 1st, SmartSense by Digi, a subsidiary of IoT solutions provider Digi International, announced the hiring of Jeffrey Melvin as Vice President of Global Sales. SmartSense provides an array of B2B IoT products including facility monitoring and supply chain visibility.

As B2B IoT products and services have steadily matured, the market has become crowded and more competitive. Product differentiation between solutions companies is often minimal and IoT providers must emphasize proliferating their offerings. Strong sales talent is integral to helping companies design and implement successful product go-to-market and selling strategies. As a result, senior sales hires will increasingly help establish industry leaders and shape the industry as a whole.


Crate.io announces new executive hire:

Last week, IIoT data management company Crate.io announced the hiring of Syed Hoda as its new Chief Commercial Officer (CCO). Syed previously served as the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Sight Machine, a digital manufacturing AI/analytics company. In February 2019, Crate.io was listed by Forbes as one of the top 25 IoT start-ups to watch.

This talent placement was facilitated by Momenta Partners and Crate.io is a Momenta Ventures portfolio company. 


Identity-as-a-service company hires new C-Suite executives:

On September 17th, enterprise identity authentication security provider Auth0 announced two new executive hires. Barry Plaga and Shiven Ramji will serve as the new chief financial officer and chief product officer, respectively. Auth0’s identity solutions can be utilized in the context IoT and for mobile and web applications. Auth0 advertises that it secures billions of device logins annually and boasts a customer base of over 5,000 customers.


NYS DFS hiring new superintendent with focus on crypto:

In early-October, the New York State Department of Financial Services released a job posting for a deputy superintendent whose focus area will be digital currencies, distributed ledger tech, and blockchain. The position is part of the state’s Research and Innovation Division and will help with virtual/crypto currency market regulation. The Research and Innovation Division was newly formed in July 2019.

As the number of cryptocurrency and blockchain companies continues to increase and platform usage grows, governments must be prepared. This job advertisement exemplifies that governmental bodies take crypto/blockchain seriously and are looking for the kind of specialized talent and knowledge necessary for establishing a proper regulatory framework.


IoT director named in CRM’s “100 People…” list:

On October 2nd, technology news outlet CRM published its “100 People You Don’t Know But Should 2019” list. Eric Hembree, the IoT Director at Ingram Micro, was named to the list. Ingram Micro provides IoT services, solutions, kits, and components for businesses.


Deloitte report reveals insight into tech hiring:

Last month, Deloitte released a mid-market technology report which included survey findings compiled from 500 participants. According to the report, 68% of survey participants have plans to innovate new strategies for emerging technology talent recruitment and retention.

This figure underscores the importance of forward-thinking and adaptable hires to technology and Digital Industry enterprises. At all corporate levels (i.e. junior, mid, senior, executive), tech companies must ensure that they remain competitive with regard to hiring and retaining top talent.



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