Feb 6, 2019 | 4 min read

Momenta Launches LPWAN Ventures Fund

Momenta Partners is pleased to announce the launch of the second ventures fund focused on Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN)

The LPWAN Ecosystem Fund is a venture capital fund focused on accelerating innovative industry solutions powered by Low Power Wide Area Networks. The fund is managed by Momenta Ventures, the investment arm of Momenta Partners, with investments coming from strategic stakeholders in the LPWAN ecosystem.


LPWAN Growth

Low Power Wide Area Networks are poised for significant growth, backed by growing coverage of networks based on open standards like LoRaWAN. Such networks provide long-range connectivity for sensors and other connected devices with very low power consumption, which allows for battery lives of several years. LPWAN make possible a wealth of applications across industries such as agriculture, energy, manufacturing, smart cities and transportation.

IoT Analytics’ 2018 LPWAN report forecasts a 109% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for LPWAN connections from 2017-2023, with annual connectivity spending surpassing US$4.7 Billion by 2023. Juniper Research predicts there will be over three billion LPWAN connected devices by 2021.  


LoRaWAN™ Focus

The LPWAN Ecosystem Fund will be focusing primarily on investments around the LoRaWAN standard. LoRaWAN is the defacto standard for low power connectivity, complementing rapid innovations in 5G technology. The LoRa Alliancecounts over 500 members focused on advancing collaborative innovation around the LoRaWAN standard, with availability in over 100 countries supported by over 100 network providers.


Momenta Ventures Connected Industry

Momenta Ventures is a recognized leader in early-stage investments in Connected Industry. Led by partners with deep domain expertise in energy, manufacturing, smart spaces and transportation / logistics, Momenta Ventures benefits from Momenta’s advisory and talent practices. 

Momenta Partners’ Managing Director and Founder, Ken Forster states: “We are pleased to raise this new fund focused exclusively on LPWAN innovation and the LoRaWAN ecosystem. We believe the digital transformation of Connected Industry is in its infancy, and that LPWAN will be a key accelerator and enabler.”

According to Donna Moore, CEO and Chair of the LoRa Alliance: “The LoRaWAN ecosystem, deployments and network operator growth, continues to explode year over year. This new fund from Momenta demonstrates that the market is highly confident in the scale and the ROI that LPWAN, and specifically, LoRaWAN delivers.”

Donna Moore provides insights and introduction to LoRaWAN standard and the LoRa Alliance in a recent Momenta Edge podcast interview.



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