Apr 1, 2022 | 2 min read

Newsletter: March 2022

Change Equal Opportunity

Momenta adopted the term Digital Industry as our investment thesis a decade ago – guiding both our venture capital investment and value creation advisory and talent practices. This focused us on the digital catalysts such as IoT, AI, ML, and Edge that were transforming global industries in energy, manufacturing, smart spaces, and supply chains.

Like many at the forefront, we focused on the first-order digital outcomes of these technologies as industrial efficiencies, new service offerings, and transformative ‘as a service’ business models. However, we also observed a second wave of outcomes, those more directly impacting people and our planet. From remote working to autonomous operations, these digital outcomes are driving impact across environmental, social, and governance (so-called ‘ESG’) dimensions.


The past 24 months have seen a chain of global events which has helped accelerate this trend, the ‘Great Digital Accelerator’ as we called it in early 2020, creating a New Normal of how we live, work, and (unfortunately now) fight.


This new normal has created “The Great Resignation,” jump-starting 5.4 million new startups in the US in 2021. It is now driving a great migration as more than 3 million refugees have fled Ukraine, creating a new labor pool across Europe. The new normal has redefined nationalism and sovereignty, especially across Europe, and already serves as an early test of its initiatives, including Industry 5.0.


Where there is change, there is opportunity, and we see this New(er) Normal creating even more opportunity in Digital Industry.


Momenta is the leading Digital Industry venture capital firm accelerating digital innovators across energy, manufacturing, smart spaces, and supply chain. Led by deep industry operators across its venture capital, strategic advisory, and executive search practices, Momenta has made over 50 investments with notable exits to SAP, PTC, and Husqvarna.

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