What is a digital accelerator? Discover how to successfully navigate Covid-19, the great digital accelerator in Digital Industry

Facing the future in the digital industry demands agility, creativity, and innovative spirit. History will regard the Great Pandemic of 2020 as a critical inflection point for digital business. The global lockdowns and prolonged restrictions force organizations of all sizes to adapt and transform. The consequences of inaction are immediate, and there is no turning back.

As with major crises in the past, now is the time to step up and pull forward the future. The 2020’s will see several momentous waves of innovations converging: AI, automation, cloud and 5G are the emerging technologies that are building blocks for the next generation of applications.

This webinar is for digital industry leaders looking to assess the changes brought by the global pandemic and how to lead your team and create long and short-term technology strategies that put you at an advantage.

What you will learn during this webinar:

1. Impact of the Pandemic:

  • Looking past challenges to new opportunities
  • Sources of edge

2. Leading the team:

  • Assembling a winning team and guiding them to success
  • Going all in on digital

3. Looking ahead:

  • Finding the best balance of long-term strategy and short-term responsiveness
  • Using tech disruption to your advantage

Webinar Speakers


Ken Forster

Executive Director - Momenta


Richard White

Managing Partner - Momenta

Watch the webinar recording: