Jul 12, 2022 | 6 min read

Placement Announcement

Fixposition appoints Erwin Rezelman as Chief Business Officer


The Momenta Executive Search team congratulates Erwin Rezelman on his placement as Chief Business Officer at Fixposition.

Fixposition, a cutting-edge Swiss technology company providing high-precision positioning information in GNSS (global navigation satellite system) degraded and denied environments, has appointed Erwin Rezelman as Chief Business Officer.


Fixposition is on a mission to enable autonomy at scale by providing precise global positioning - everywhere. The recently released Vision-RTK 2 is already receiving impressive market traction, especially across robot OEMs in the agricultural, logistics, and landscaping sectors. As Chief Business Officer, Rezelman will focus on accelerating the company's commercialization and overall business development.


Rezelman brings over 25 years of global software operations technology leadership focused on entrepreneurship, ground-up organizational and operational excellence, and technical expertise in smart, cloud-based intelligence platforms.


Prior to Fixposition, Rezelman worked for Zurich Insurance in Brazil and Mexico, initially as the Regional CTO for Latin America and more recently in a global role to establish and run the global patent program and integrate IoT solutions across the company and its customers. Previously, he held President, CEO, and Board Member roles at several leading-edge companies innovating the IoT space in security, smart cities platforms, big data analytics, and hardware integration with sensors and software platforms, including co-founding his startup focused on smart city technology. Rezelman began his career with SAP, where he spent 15 years building up the SAP Development and Support Lab in Shanghai, followed by the SAP Lab for Latin America in Brazil.


"I am very excited to join Fixposition, who is pioneering the delivery of cost-effective positioning solutions even when no GNSS connection is available," Rezelman said. "This is critical for autonomous devices used in agriculture or goods delivery. I'm especially thrilled to work with such a talented and enthusiastic team!"


"Thanks to Momenta, we were connected to Erwin, an experienced business professional with an impressive track record in business development and growth," said Fixposition CEO and Co-founder Zhenzhong Su, Ph.D. "Startups typically have difficulty locating the necessary expertise in this important area. Erwin will serve as the Fixposition team's Chief Business Officer, and we are excited that he will help accelerate the company's commercialization. I am looking forward to working with Erwin and our talented team to advance Fixposition."


"Momenta understands the unique C-level leadership profile required to accelerate growth in today's Industrial Internet of Things sector," said Richard White, Managing Partner, Momenta Executive Search Practice. We're excited to see Erwin Rezelman's record of results-driven growth continue with Fixposition."





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About Fixposition

Fixposition is on a mission to simplify autonomous navigation by increasing the reliability and availability of precise positioning. The company develops deep sensor fusion of RTK-GNSS, IMU, and computer vision to ensure high reliability of centimeter-accurate positioning in all environments. This disruptive technology enables safer and more automated operation of drones and ground robotic vehicles. The company was founded by two top-talent Pioneer Fellowship teams from ETH Zurich who have joined their extensive know-how in GNSS and computer vision. For more information, visit www.fixposition.com.




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