Jun 29, 2022 | 5 min read

Placement Announcement

Axino Appoints Robin Williamson as Chief Product Officer


The Momenta Executive Search team congratulates Robin Williamson on his placement as Chief Product Officer at Axino.


Axino is the leading supplier of smart retail and cold-chain solutions that combine sensor technology with AI algorithms to remotely detect the core temperature of refrigerated food items in retail stores. 


As Chief Product Officer, Robin will lead Axino's product team in accelerating their smart retail and cold-chain platform, helping food retailers to digitize and automate their food quality management process, comply with food safety regulations and reduce food waste.


Robin brings over 25+ years of technology leadership experience across large-scale software companies and disruptive startups driving profitable growth in transportation, industrial, and software process automation. He has developed IIoT, cloud, SaaS, ML, AI, industrial computing, and connectivity solutions across  Google, IBM, Teralytics, MessageOne, Coremetrics, and Trilogy. Robin received his bachelor's degree in computing and electronics from Durham University and his doctorate in computer science from the University of Cambridge.


Robin states, "I am thrilled to be joining Axino, where we are working to improve food safety, minimize waste, and reduce food retailers' energy footprint. I've spent the last ten years working on environmentally friendly projects in the food, transportation, and fashion industries. In my new position, I will work with our team to define new products and features that will expand the reach of our industry-leading food safety solution."


"With his previous experience delivering data as actionable insights to customers for other startups and fast scaling software companies like Google, Robin is a tremendous addition to the Axino leadership team. We’re excited to have him working alongside us as we take the next steps into the future of using data for food quality." said CEO Mario Vögeli.


“We focus on Venture + Growth at Momenta, following our capital investments with talent capital,” said Ken Forster, Executive Director of Momenta. “We believe Robin is a critical hire to accelerate the growth of Axino.”





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About Axino

Axino is the leader in smart retail, contactless, food quality solutions. Axino combines advanced sensor technology with artificial intelligence algorithms to remotely detect refrigerated food’s core temperature in retail stores. To learn more about Axino, please visit https://www.axino.ai/.




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