May 4, 2021 | 5 min read

aicas 20 Years IoT Digital Roundtable with Bill O'Such

Join Bill O'Such Principal Partner of Momenta at the aicas 20 Years Digital Roundtable Agile IoT – from Edge to Cloud event!

The online event is presented by aicas, and will take place on Thursday, May 6th @ 13:00 PM GMT / 15:00 PM CEST on BrightTALK. 
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Celebrating 20 years of IoT aicas wanted to get deeper insights into the importance of IoT market friction issues. The software company held many discussions with customers and just recently ran a market study across different countries and market segments to get some more data on the challenges customers are facing in the edge computing space.

At the end of the one-hour discussion, you will have heard new insights about agile IoT:

  • The future of IoT and the challenges customers face when adopting it
  • Main market frictions in edge computing
  • Results of aicas’ market research
  • Who is afraid of data theft? Is my data safe? What happens on the last mile?
  • Insights from top IoT leaders

This Digital Roundtable is aimed at bringing together industry participants and partners in the IoT space.

Bill will share his perspective on the future world of IoT and edge computing. 


About Bill O'Such

Connected Industry strategy and corporate development leader with over 21 years of experience in the critical infrastructure device industry. Bill has a deep technical and business background that ranges from running worldwide software development teams to defining the strategy for new digital offerings and portfolio acceleration through M&A and investment. 

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About Momenta

Momenta encompasses leading Strategic Advisory, Talent, and Ventures practices with over 200 IoT leadership placements, 125 industry clients, and 40+ young IoT disruptors in our portfolio.