SST Wireless

Founded: 2018 | HQ: Richmond, Canada 





SST engineers, manufactures and distributes industrial wireless sensor technologies and services to remove the barriers to Industrial IoT for any size of organization by delivering simple, easy to deploy sensors & gateways.  The benefit to their customers is immediately evident with new insights into machine condition over time.  SST is delivering on the promise of the Industrial IoT through the aggregation of machine data to shorten the time to meaningful analytics that increases safety, reduces downtime and minimize environmental impact of industry.



The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) or Industry 4.0 has been predicted to re-invent the industrial sector for some time now, however there have not been appropriate sensors for heavy industrial use cases, especially ones available for small to mid-sized businesses to use. Many sensors on the market today may involve expensive cabling, costing up to $100 per ft, or low battery life wireless sensors that do not have effective analytics behind them. This means adopting to Industry 4.0 has left many small to mid-size businesses out in the cold.   



SST offers a simple solution to help any company deploy wireless sensing to provide new insights in to the condition of their equipment. It fills the gaps left by hardwired sensor solutions while also delivering on the promise of the IIoT by helping to create an operational database of all the components connected to the SST network. This saves time and money while creating the potential for improved overall plant and equipment safety and reliability. Through it’s innovative sensors purpose-built for heavy industrial use SST intends to become a key player in the future of wireless sensing.