Founded: 2013 | HQ: Ottawa, ON, Canada






Raven Telemetry has developed a new approach to help manufacturing businesses optimize operations. Their software combines machine data and operator inputs to provide a clear timeline for OEE and production losses: Contextualized Time.



Manufacturers lose production capacity due to inefficiencies like machine outages and workers waiting for: parts, instructions, or machines to finish tasks. Lack of visibility into the outages, micro-stops, shift changes, waiting times, and changeover time limit manufacturers' ability to continuously improve their operations and outcomes. Current systems for tracking work stoppage primarily focus on analyzing machine data and do not provide full context, resulting in failed projects and a lack of trust. The analysis lacks the full context of the causes of the stoppages and wait times.



Raven’s innovative manufacturing platform brings intelligence to the shop floor by automating data collection and analysis to provide continuous actionable insights. Raven’s solution delivers timely and meaningful context to account for 100% of production operations time across machines AND people by providing performance management apps that enable continuous improvement. Raven contextualizes production operations through Smart Assistants that capture plant-floor operator input and incorporates data from systems of record (MES, ERP, PLM) and machines (via SCADA/HMI). Their revolutionary system adds a critical dimension to OEE in manufacturing via Contextualized Time.