Apr 10, 2020 | 2 min read

Webinar #19

The Newest Normal: Crisis = Danger + Opportunity

COVID-19 has inflicted unprecedented societal and economic shock as governments and health care systems respond tirelessly to the contagion. Global markets have experienced drastic downturns with trillions of dollars in capitalization being lost as the virus spreads.

Now is the time to prepare for the eventual new normal while extracting positive and actionable lessons from the crisis. Vast digital capabilities are at our disposal and these can keep the economy functioning. Amongst other things, digital enables crisis-proof operation automation and strong remote workforce capabilities.

But how exactly will our world look when COVID-19 abates? How will digitalization be impacted? Crisis = Danger + Opportunity. In a time of great economic crisis, digital is the answer.

In this webinar, we discuss the global implications of COVID-19 and what enterprises can expect post-crisis. Moderated by Executive Director Ken Forster along with Doug Harp, Managing Partner, Kit Ali, Principal Partner and Blaine Mathieu, Partner, these key topics were explored:

Assessing the crisis:

  • What is the extent of disruption to different industries?
  • Making sense of the market.
  • The impact on global supply chains.  

Responding and evolving:

  • How will businesses adapt to increasingly remote work forces?
  • What technologies will now emerge to address the risks of disruption to workforces?

From here on out:

  • What will this crisis permanently change?
  • What industries are better prepared, and which need to catch up?
  • How to become a winner in the newest normal?

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