Pico MES

Founded: 2019 | HQ: Redwood City, California






Pico MES, is a Redwood City-based startup enabling digital transformation for small to medium-sized factories and empowering them to digitize and connect supply chains, addressing the industry's pressing need for digital solutions.



Smaller factories, those with 500 or fewer workers, view traditional MES systems as out of touch with their strengths. Large MES systems are considered inadequate, rigid, and overloaded with unnecessary features. These systems stifle innovation rather than promote it. Their complex nature demands specialized skills, and they come with costly setup and integration processes. These larger systems also struggle to adjust quickly to unforeseen changes, their data analysis tends to lag, and they have burdensome ownership costs.  



Pico MES offers affordable software solutions tailored for smaller manufacturers, ensuring they're not limited by options meant for bigger budgets. Their software includes pre-set tools, machine connections, and budget-friendly IoT devices to enhance supply chain efficiency and flexibility.

Pico MES’ software is priced, configured, and optimized to meet the needs of smaller manufacturers and factories.




Why It Matters

Despite the metaphor, supply chains are not always digitally connected. Disconnected systems and manual processes between partners can keep reaction times slow. Manufacturers experience the impacts of this digital divide between them and their suppliers as unwelcome disruptions in their workflow.

Pico MES' vision is to become a partner in the digital transformation of smaller manufacturers in the areas of supply chain visibility, logistics, and data transparency. They envision a supply chain more connected and useful, with improved data streams between small manufacturing suppliers and their large OEM customers, made possible by integrating hardware, software, and data analytics to optimize operations and improve decision-making in factories and between factories and their customers.