Founded: 2014 | HQ: Santa Cruz, California






Minds.ai is on a mission to completely transform the semiconductor industry by ingeniously combining generative AI with Reinforcement Learning.  The company created the DeepSim platform, combining powerful AI tools into an engine that takes reinforcement learning out of the lab and into the real world so that it can be applied to complex semiconductor fabrication processes. 



Semiconductor fabs cost billions to build and are massive in scaleThe manufacturing process the fabs orchestrate (tens of thousands of connected machines, processing millions of steps each day, all while KPIs and goals shift constantly) is beyond human capacity to operate with maximum efficiencySome fabs have up to $300M of missed revenue annually because of waste and inefficiency. 



Minds.ai's mission is to provide solutions that optimize and improve the efficiency of semiconductor fabrication processes. Their products leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize complex scheduling and resource allocation problemsTheir solutions augment the highly skilled professionals making critical operations decisions at fabsIn some cases, Minds.ai’s solutions can take over tasks autonomously to free up experts so they can focus on more critical tasks.



Why it Matters

McKinsey believes that AI has the potential to contribute between $5 billion and $8 billion annually to earnings before interest and taxes across the semiconductor industry. Within the next few years, AI could generate between $35 billion and $40 billion in value annually, and over the longer term, AI could contribute from $85 billion to $95 billion. The largest share of value creation will come from using AI to reduce semiconductor manufacturing costs. 

Manufacturing represents the semiconductor industry’s largest cost driver because of capital expenditures, operating expenditures, and material costs involved in semiconductor fabrication. AI stands to substantially impact the industry’s capital intensity via cost reduction, yield improvement, and increased throughput.   

Momenta believes Minds.ai is the leader in this new race to apply modern AI techniques to this vital industry.