Decision Engines

Founded: 2017 | HQ: Palo Alto, California, US



Decision Engines


Decision Engines is an intelligent process automation startup utilizing the power of AI to put business processes on “auto-pilot”. Decision Engines offers a cloud platform that provides end-to-end process automation, replacing manual tasks by using an AI engine capable of handling exceptions and working synergistically with humans.



Information technologies have generated vast amount of data for several years now and the operation technologies are rapidly catching up with rapid advancement in innovative wireless, data collection and management solutions. More than 90% of the world data were generated in the last two years and this phenomenon is poised to accelerate strongly. Yet, most companies still struggle to put that data to work and leverage them in an effective way. Incumbent process automation technologies are not able to seamlessly leverage unstructured data, handle exceptions and particular situation, resulting in the need to rely on manual, repetitive tasks despite meaningful investments. The market need automation solution that can work both independently and alongside humans to support their decision making.



Decision Engines has developed a last generation-AI engine that is more intelligent, scalable and flexible than legacy robot process automation (RPA) solutions. The AI is able to ingest, understand and processes extremely well non-digital documents and other forms of unstructured data, connecting to multiple data sources within organizations. Thanks to its unique semantic capabilities, Decision Engines is able to follow standard procedures as well as identifying and handling exceptions. The system never stops learning, constantly capturing and transferring knowledge between human professionals and the AI engine and vice-versa. Company’s initial focus is on labor-intensive, repetitive tasks like accounts payable (invoice matching, DSO & fraud, and payment approval), book closing process use-cases (transaction matching, reconciliation, certification) but the technology is vastly applicable across other functional activities and sectors.