Founded: 2011 | HQ: Solothurn, Switzerland





Axino Solutions AG is a leading provider of automated food safety solutions. Axino integrates advanced sensor technology with proprietary AI analytics and management software to solve quality management and safety challenges in the food wholesale and retail sector.  



Quality management in the food retail sector is a labor-intensive process and difficult to digitize and automate. Tracking safety by measuring core temperature of perishable food items is necessary to guarantee quality of food and safety for customers to consume. Approaches like HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) management systems are increasingly mandated by the FDA and other international regulators. Currently, core temperature has to be measured manually, by using probes that are inserted into food items. This is a manual process that employees must conduct daily. The tested items must be discarded after the test causing significant waste. Besides labor costs, the unstructured way of testing does not provide efficient ways for retailers to manage inventory causing large quantities of avoidable waste from unsold goods



Axino provides automated temperature control and core temperature assessment system that helps monitor and forecast core temperature of perishable goods without the manual measuring process.  

The Axino.IoT.FoodSafety solution is a combination of an advanced sensor and a proprietary AI algorithm that can analyze and predict the core temperature of items stored at low temperatures. The solution fully automates the monitoring of freshness and quality of food items while at the same time providing insights into the condition of the refrigeration equipment. The sensors are using LoRaWAN technology to transmit information to the analytics and management software, which informs the customer proactively about food-safety relevant events.  

Axino.IoT.FoodSafety is a critical element for the future of Quality Management 4.0 in food retail and supports HACCP standards. Additional benefits are the improved ability to manage inventory by utilizing predictive insights of the solution and cost savings through more efficient temperature management of cooling equipment. The Sensor provides not only temperature data but also measures additional parameters like location, humidity, vibration, and others, which makes the solution future-proof and ready for expansion beyond the retail market into all parts of the end-to-end cold chain.