Founded: 2015| HQ: Baltimore, MDF






AKUA delivers actionable, real time, and secure business intelligence to cargo owners. AKUA combines the industry’s most advanced tracking devices, tamper-resistant and tamper-evident multi-layer security, and in-transit analytics into a seamless cloud-based solution. With AKUA, there are no devices to buy or maintain. Their subscription service provides everything cargo owners need and offers the flexibility of using AKUA data directly in their own analytics and visibility platforms, or in AKUA’s online tracking tool with user configurable dashboard and mobile application solution.


The logistics industry is notoriously non-transparent. Manufacturers, logistics providers and end customers have very little visibility into where their products are, the state of them, and what risks may happen in transit. This leads to incredibly inefficient operations, for example 1/3 of food produced for human consumption is lost from farm to fork, most of that as a result of poor refrigeration in transit. Beyond that, according to the FreightWatch Global Cargo Theft Report there is over $100 M worth of product lost in cargo thefts in the US alone.  



AKUA solves both these problems by combining a secure e-seal with a LPWAN gateway that can read sensor data of the contents of each container. AKUA’s gateway platform uses a Data as a Service (DaaS) model that easily integrates into existing business process systems and data analytics platforms. AKUA sets itself apart from the competition by directly serving the interests of cargo owners, empowering them with direct, real-time information on the condition, location, and security of their time-sensitive, high-value products. AKUA provides visibility from the initial point of loading to the end destination, following the intermodal shipments, not the carriers. Cargo owners have the flexibility of using either their own analytics and visibility platforms with AKUA data, or AKUA’s cloud-based, user configurable dashboard and mobile application solution. AKUA’s security features include end-to-end data integrity, and a patented, re-useable high security master gateway device that provide physical security of cargo containers.