Jan 15, 2019 | 3 min read

Webinar #11

Knowledge Is Power - 2019 Predictions

During this webinar we took a look at:

  1. IoT Morphs Into Digitalization
  2. Hype to Value: AI/Machine Learning 
  3. Edge Computing at the Center of Innovation
  4. Energy at the Edge
  5. Autonomous Vehicles at our Door 
  6. Smart(er) Spaces Changing our World
  7. The Low Power Revolution of Unpowered Assets 
  8. New Tech Eases Into the Mainstream 
  9. The Rise of the CDO

Webinar recording

More than 600 of our readers are invested in learning about what 2019 holds. Are you? During this webinar, we explored 9 essential themes with a unique panel of 9 of Momenta's experts! This special presentation highlighted the most relevant topics related to Connected Industry and Digital Transformation including the state of the market and outlook for 2019. 

Insights Partner Ed Maguire hosted an ALL Momenta panel with Momenta's Jesse DeMesa (former CTO GE - Predix), Jim Fletcher (former CTO IBM - Watson IoT), Ken Forster (former MD of ThingWorx and COO of PLAT.ONE), Stephen Berard (former Chief Architect for Schneider Electric's IoT platform) and many more as they shared a practitioner's perspective on the following key themes.



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