Sep 14, 2017 | 1 min read

September 14

Thingstream Webinar: How to achieve global IoT connectivity today

We welcome you to join this webinar, hosted by Thingstream, Neil Hamilton, VP of Business Development, in conjunction with  IoT Now Magazine, George Malim, Managing Editor and Beecham Research, Saverio Romeo on "How to achieve global IoT connectivity today?"

For the enterprise, a universal means for IoT connectivity that is cross-border, reliable and secure is essential to building the business case for IoT investment. In this webinar, Saverio Romeo and Thingstream’s experts will discuss some of the challenges around creating a universal network, and examine some potential solutions.

The webinar will examine:

  • The anatomy of an IoT solution
  • Today’s IoT connectivity landscape
  • The role existing GSM technology can play
  • The appropriate connectivity options for vertical industry use cases

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