Jun 28, 2018 | 1 min read

Webinar #9

Unpacking IoT Platforms - A Practitioner's Perspective

During this webinar we took a look at:

  • What is an IoT Platform?
  • How platforms create value
  • The dynamics of IoT platform markets
  • Platform strategies and use cases
  • How to choose the right IoT platform



During this webinar we discussed the key characteristics, capabilities, advantages, challenges and considerations involved with choosing and implementing platforms into Connected Industry businesses.

Insights Partner Ed Maguire hosted an ALL Momenta panel with expert advice and analysis from our deep industry practitioners as they shared thoughtful perspectives, critical insights and use cases for IoT platforms. 


Ken Forster - former MD of ThingWorx and COO of PLAT.ONE

Jesse DeMesa - former CTO GE - Predix

Jim Fletcher - former CTO IBM - Watson IoT