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Top 10 Podcasts for 2022

Top 10 Podcasts for 2022

Our "Digital Thread" has been named one of the best digital transformation podcasts.

In this podcast series we feature leading practitioners and thinkers across Digital Industry, Digital Transformation, and the digital technology landscape. Throughout 2022, we had an all-star cast of industry leaders, government leaders and thought leaders, sharing their personal histories, leadership experiences, insights, advice, and predictions.

Here are the top ten podcast episodes based on our audience count, ranked starting with the highest popularity >>>>>



Top 10 List (highest listener count):



INDUSTRY 5.0 I  Sean O'Reagain, the acting head of Industry 5.0 at the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Research and Innovation, discusses the opportunities and challenges of Industry 5.0. The Commission department oversees EU research, science, and innovation policy to strengthen the scientific and technological base, promote innovation, and turn societal challenges into innovation opportunities.




End-to-End Visibility I Jamshed Dubash, CEO of Vaspar Strategies, LLC, a consultancy firm specializing in sales and marketing, as well as go-to-market strategy planning for firms in the IoT/M2M/RFID arena. Jamshed joined Momenta's Advisory team in June of this year as a Strategy Partner.



185CESMII  John Dyck, CEO of the Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute or CESMII, is committed to transforming the US manufacturing market and increasing global competitiveness through applying smart manufacturing technologies and workforce development both in manufacturing operations and in the supply chain.




AIoT Transformation  Dr. Tanja Rueckert, is the CDO of the Bosch Group, a multinational engineering and technology company headquartered in Germany.  In her role as the new CDO, Tanja discusses how she and her team propel Bosch's transition from a hardware maker to a leader in the AIoT space.





Agtonomy I  Tim Bucher, the Chief Operating Officer of Agtonomy, a company building a sustainable future for local farms. Tim talks about his company's mission of turning tractors and other agricultural equipment into autonomous machines.




170Quality Vision I Christopher Van Dyke, co-founder and CEO of Overview AI, a company that takes computer technology and applies it to previously unsolvable manufacturing inspection problems. Tune in to find out more about this cutting-edge deep technology. 





Software Defined Business I Dr. Andreas Nauerz, Managing Director, co-CEO, and CTO of Bosch IO, a global interdisciplinary expert organization driving Bosch's IoT and AIoT strategy. Andreas is a well-known software architect and one of the top experts on cloud and serverless computing and AI, machine learning, and IoT.





Continuous Digital Transformation I Suhail Jiwani, Chief Product Officer of Kelvin Inc., headquartered in San Francisco, is a 3D motion industrial intelligence operating system for developing and operating control applications across the enterprise. Discover why Schneider Electric, Halliburton, and Santos rely on Kelvin's solution.




Emerson Ventures I Thurston Cromwell, Vice President of Development and Innovation at Emerson, is the head of Emerson Ventures, the company's corporate venture capital arm. Tune in to learn more about the investment strategies of this large corporate venture capital firm.




LPWAN Update I Jaap Groot, the CEO of Ignion with its headquarters in Sant Cugat del Vallès in Spain, Ignition is the market leader in virtual antennas, having shipped over 30 million antennas as of today. Jaap discusses the LPWAN space, specifically the recent news that Sigfox has filed for Chapter 11.




New episodes get published every two weeks. Tune into Momenta's Digital Thread Podcast series to discover the latest global digital technology trends as we look at next-generation technologies, innovators, and companies that are redefining global industries today. 


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