Dec 31, 2020 | 5 min read

Top 5 Digital Industry Insights of 2020

Top 5 Digital Industry Insights of 2020


The Digital Industry Insights you need to avoid pitfalls and ensure Digital Industry success. We bring you the latest tips, considerations, summaries, strategies and much more. 

We have summarized Momenta's Top 5 viewed Digital Industry Insights for 2020. These contain information from M&A's, Channel/Partner strategies, Leadership and more. 



In: Key considerations for a successful
Channel/Partner strategy

We unpack the following:

  • 5 top reasons channel/partner strategies fail 
  • Questions to ask yourself in order to avoid the above failure
  • Find ways to help equip critical customers, suppliers and channel partners
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In: Critical traits of Catalytic Leadership

We unpack the following:

  • The 10 key characteristics that characterize catalytic leaders
  • Superior leadership starts with trust and is complimented by many other qualities that allow employees, clients, stakeholders, and ultimately the business, to flourish.

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In: How to reduce engineering risk in an IoT Project

We unpack the following:

  • How to build a supporting engineering culture
  • Being smart with emerging technology to measure
  • Think big and start small - deliver incrementally

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In: Charting your M&A strategy

We unpack the following:
  • Financial case for an acquisition
  • How to Chart the right M&A strategy
  • A framework for evaluating M&A options.  

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In: Combinatorial value: the relentless M&A engine

We unpack the following:
  • The risk of staying put
  • How Digital business changes the economics of risk 
  • Going organic takes time - M&A hits the accelerator

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