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2020 Top 3 VENTURES Podcasts

Top 3 VENTURES Podcasts in 2020

As we start 2021, we would like to revisit some of the top podcast episodes in our three digital industry portfolios, at Momenta.

While traditional venture capital has shied away from industrial applications and hardware, there’s been a rise of a new class of ventures investors: the venture industrialist.

In the Momenta podcast episodes this year, we had some interesting conversations with leading venture capitalists and we would like to highlight the Top 3 Venture Podcasts for 2020 below. 


1. Michael Redding,
former managing director of Accenture ventures. 

Discussion points:

  • Michael describes the founding of Accentures investment arm
  • He shares some prominent exists of the fund and how they were able to consistently pick winners
  • Key trends in how corporations are managing external innovation
  • Finally, Mike outlines his predictions on COVID-19’s reset on digital industry companies

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Podcast_2020_square_1042. Geoffrey Baird,
Senior Managing Director of Value Creation
at LLR Partners. 

Discussion points:

  • Geoffreys Digital Industry journey and early engineering experience
  • Early learnings from emerging leaders in mobile computing and VOIP
  • Geoffrey dives deeper into his efforts at LLR partners and in private equity including perspectives on COVID-19s impact on the industry

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3. Evangelos Simoudis,
recognized expert on next-generation mobility, artificial intelligence, big data and corporate innovation. 

Discussion points:

  • Outlining the common thread between big data and artificial intelligence
  • Motivation behind the founding of Synapse Partners 
  • The new challenges that next-generation mobility brings
  • The future of transportation in the great reset

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