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March 19th, 2024

Frost & Sullivan presents: Transforming Digital Industries Through Software-Centric Automation


Frost & Sullivan Growth Council Think Tank resumes again!

Unlocking the Potential of Software-Centric Automation: A Paradigm Shift in Industry


Michael Dolbec, Managing Partner at Momenta, has been selected to be part of Frost & Sullivan's esteemed Growth Council Think Tank on Digital Industries. Mark your calendar for Tuesday, March 19th, 2024.

Is your company taking proactive steps to identify and seize the newest growth prospects within the digital realm?  

Historically, industrial automation has been dominated by hardware-centric strategies, stifling innovation. However, a transformative shift is underway, characterized by the prominence of software-centric automation (SCA). The conversation during this virtual event will delve into a fundamental element of industrial automation.


📅 Date and Time: September 19th at 3 PM CET (9 AM ET)


Moderated by Karthik Sundaram - Research Director at Frost & Sullivan

The panelists are: 

  1. Morgan Bowling - Director of Industry at Seeq Corporation
  2. Michael Dolbec - Managing Partner at Momenta
  3. Vatsal Shah - Founder & CEO, Litmus
  4. Josef Waltl - Founder & CEO, Software Defined Automation

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Together, they'll unpack the complexities of software-centric automation and illuminate its potential impact on industrial automation.

The following key questions will be explored: 

  • How can organizations utilize the latest disruptive technologies to implement SCA in their plants and factories successfully? 
  • How can your team leverage SCA to develop innovative business models within the industrial milieu? 
  • How does SCA facilitate product customization and scalable manufacturing to address fluctuating industry demands effectively?
  • What are the critical challenges hindering growth during the industrial transition towards SCA?

We invite you to join us for what promises to be an enriching exchange of ideas. Please feel free to reserve your spot now if you like. All registrants will also receive a link to the recording of the event, allowing you to revisit valuable insights or watch it on demand.


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