Jan 25, 2018 | 7 min read

Webinar #6

The Intelligent Edge - The Next Frontier of IoT Innovation

During this webinar we took a look at:

  • Current state of fog and intelligent computing
  • Use cases and limitations
  • Consequences for cloud computing

Webinar recording


Momenta Partners and guests to took a deeper look the emergence of Edge, mobile edge, and fog computing and the challenge to solve the pain points of IoT data. 

With the explosion of Internet-connected devices that help us make sense of our world through data collection and analytics, we’re seeing a distributed model emerge with the rise of edge and mobile edge computing. Edge computing platforms operate closer to the network edge, and closer to things and data sources, integrating the capabilities of networks, storage, and applications. A report by IDC in 2015 predicted that by 2019, 45% of IoT created data will be stored, processed, analyzed and acted upon close to, or at the edge of the network. 

Is this merely another technology cycle? In Connected Industry there's constant evolution and innovation around architecture, connectivity and data analytics. We've seen the mainstream adoption of cloud computing to provide storage, processing and analytic capabilities for IoT generated data, yet mobile edge, fog, and edge computing and emerging as front-runners in response to the need to provide real-time data processing for manufacturing, transport and banking industries. As we prepare to usher in 5G and move towards Industrial IoT 3.0, we are experiencing new challenges that require new solutions. 

This webinar featured Momenta's Ed MaguireJim Fletcher and their guests

In this webinar we took a look at:

  • Current state of fog and intelligent computing
  • Use cases and limitations
  • Consequences for cloud computing




Meet the presenters:


Ed Maguire 

Insights Partner, Momenta Partners

Ed brings more than 17 years of Wall Street experience in equity research and investment banking to Momenta, with deep domain expertise in enterprise software.  He has proven success identifying strategic opportunities and articulating actionable insights based on rigorous analysis of technology, operations, competition, and markets.  Most recently he was senior analyst and managing director at CLSA Americas covering the software industry, technology, and innovation.


Jim Fletcher.jpg

Jim Fletcher, Strategy Partner
Momenta Partners

With extensive experience in executive management and technical leadership, Jim has held positions in areas of networking, IT systems management, and pervasive computing. He has a wealth of knowledge in IoT solution development including device connectivity, data collection, cognitive analytics, digital twin, and machine learning. He was most recently Distinguished Engineer and CTO for IBM’s Watson IoT Platform and is an IBM master inventor holding over 60 patents.



Vatsal Shah, Co-founder and CEO
Litmus Automation

Vatsal brings an entrepreneurial mindset to connected industry. Prior to founding Litmus Automation, he worked at Rockwell Automation as a Design Engineer on one of the largest Oil & Gas deployments, connecting field levels devices to applications for advanced monitoring. He has a Bachelor of Technology in Instrumentation and Control Engineering from Nirma University and a Masters in Global Entrepreneurship from Purdue, Zhejiang University and the Em-Lyon Business School.




Jon Sobel, Co-founder and CEO 

Sight Machine

With a rich history of experience, Jon has served on the management teams of Sight Machine, Calera, Tesla Motors, SourceForge, CBS Digital, and Yahoo. At both Tesla and Yahoo he served as general counsel and secretary. He holds an A.B. degree in public policy from Princeton University and a J.D. degree from the University of Michigan Law School. He received an MBA from Wharton and a journalism fellowship from the Poynter Institute of Media Studies.


Paul Anderson_webinar.png

Paul Anderson,  Edge Computing Industry Expert 

With a background in connected industry,  and rare experience in embedded technology and IoT cloud platforms, Paul has previously held leadership roles at Verisign and Windriver and was mostly recently VP Global Software Platforms at Exosite. He  studied computer science at St. Olaf College and holds a Bachelor of Computer Science, graduating with Honors from Global Business Management program,  from the University of Phoenix.