Oct 22, 2021 | 5 min read

Placement Announcement

Belmont Technology Appoints Eric Tilenius

The Momenta Executive Search team congratulates Eric Tilenius on his placement as CEO at Belmont Technology.

Belmont Technology, the award-winning Houston-based start-up harnessing Artificial Intelligence to redefine geoscientist performance across the upstream oil and gas industry, has appointed Eric Tilenius as CEO. 


Tilenius is a dynamic and seasoned Silicon Valley business leader who brings over 25+ years of experience in entrepreneurship, venture capital, start-ups, product development, enterprise software, and multiple successful exits. With Tilenius’ expertise and proven track record as CEO and investor scaling game-changing and fast-growing technology businesses, he will guide Belmont Technology’s team and cloud-based Sandy™️ platform roadmap to address new business models and opportunities within a rapidly expanding ecosystem.


Prior to Belmont Technology, Tilenius briefly served at Microsoft after their acquisition of BlueTalon, the leading provider of Unified Data Access Control to Fortune 500 companies, where he spent the previous five years as CEO. Prior to BlueTalon, he served as Executive-in-Residence at Scale Venture Partners, a leading enterprise software venture capital firm with portfolio companies such as Box, Datastax, DocuSign, RingCentral, and Chef. Previous roles include General Manager for Zynga, three additional CEO roles, all of which realized successful exits (two IPO’s and one acquisition), Oracle, Intuit, and Bain & Company.

“Momenta understands the particular leadership profile that today's early-stage AI technology businesses require to achieve scalable growth,” said Richard White, Managing Partner of Momenta’s Executive Search Practice. “With Mr. Tilenius' inspirational, incisive and expert leadership, we expect Belmont Technology to continue delivering groundbreaking discoveries across the global scientific and technical communities.”


Tilenius holds an MBA from Stanford University and a BA in Economics from Princeton University.





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About Belmont Technology

Belmont Technology is an award-winning startup based in Houston, TX, which is revolutionizing E&P by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enable unlimited, real-time, economically constrained subsurface scenarios. Through its cloud-based Sandy™️ platform for the Upstream Oil & Gas industry, it offers unique knowledge management capabilities, continuously ingesting and structuring all types of industry data and making it consumption-ready for analytics and seamless queries in natural language. Sandy™️ also features a breakthrough innovation enabling real-time, AI-based, simulation of subsurface scenarios from exploration risk assessment to oilfield development plans. For more information, please visit https://www.b15y.io for more information and to access their webinars and test Sandy™️ for your company.



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