Mar 28, 2023 | 4 min read

Momenta Expands Investment in Pulse Industrial

Momenta is pleased to announce it is has doubled its investment in Pulse Industrial, the leader in industrial sensing of clean, thermal energy systems.


Momenta, the leading digital industry venture capital and growth firm, is spearheading a new funding round for Pulse Industrial with existing co-investors Celtic House Asia Partners, SOSV, and new investor, Phoenix VP.


The investment aligns with Momenta's mission to accelerate digital innovators to transform critical industries, especially related to Industry 5.0 principles. It also complements Pulse's vision to be a driving force to help technology leaders make more sustainable choices for energy-efficient operations.


Pulse Industrial has developed a device with an intelligent grouping of sensors that can accurately detect failed traps for a fraction of the cost of current solutions. The device’s small form factor allows the monitors to be placed in the tough environments in which traps tend to be located. By implementing the solution, device manufacturers can monitor far more steam traps than previously and at better precision, providing more insights into their operation and helping to achieve significant savings.


"With 45% of the world’s energy consumption expanded for industrial heating, Pulse Industrial is well positioned to address the greatest source of energy loss and safety risk: the steam trap. The company already made an impact in 2022, saving over 1.5 billion pounds of steam, reducing 72,000 tons of carbon emissions, resulting in over $2.1 million in energy savings," said Ken Forster, Executive Director of Momenta.


This investment will also enable Pulse Industrial to accelerate its technology development, advancing its industry-leading position in steam trap monitoring. It will also significantly expand its commercial traction to expand coverage across North America and beyond. As more organizations focus on their ESG initiatives, steam continues to be an essential clean energy source. Pulse's steam trap failure detection solution ensures the peak performance of steam systems while reducing CO2 emissions.


About Pulse Industrial

Pulse Industrial is digitalizing industrial steam systems with smart, easy-to-deploy sensors. More specifically, Pulse provides real-time alerts for failures in ‘steam traps,’ which would otherwise go unseen. By managing these failures, industrial plants can reduce energy loss, reduce CO2 emissions, and even avoid downtime in chemical production. To learn more, please visit


About Momenta:

Momenta is the leading Digital Industry venture capital + growth firm. We accelerate entrepreneurs and leaders devoted to the digitization of energy, manufacturing, smart spaces, and supply chains. Since 2012, our team of deep industry operators have invested behind 50 entrepreneurs and helped scale over 150 industry leaders via our award-winning executive search and strategic advisory practices. For more information, please visit



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