Jun 27, 2023 | 5 min read

Expert Panel: Streamlining Manufacturing


Accelerating Manufacturing Productivity: Jane Arnold's Expertise in Industry 4.0 Unveiled

Join Jane Arnold,  Venture Partner at Momenta and renowned Industry 4.0 Advisor, for an engaging webinar panel discussion presented by RAVEN on leveraging data, automation, and frontline teams to drive manufacturing productivity. Hear from industry experts sharing best practices and real-world experiences in digital transformation.


Register now to gain deep insights from industry thought leaders Catalina Nunez and Brenda Munyukwi, including Jane Arnold, and discover strategies for driving productivity through digital transformation. Learn from real-world examples to empower your organization with the potential of Industry 4.0.


Key Discussion Points:

  • Getting started with digital transformation and scaling for success
  • Building a workforce-engaging strategy for enhanced capabilities and performance
  • Data collection and automation: unlocking wins on the shop floor
  • Leveraging teams for change response and digital technology adoption



Eliminating Inefficiencies Through Digital Transformation


Thursday June 29th @ 2 PM ET


Catalina Nunez, Director of Engineering, Raven
Brenda Munyukwi,  VP of Operations, Raven                                                Jane Arnold, Industry 4.0 Advisor, Venture Partner, Momenta


Discover how Industry 4.0 is reshaping manufacturing and gain insights to enhance productivity on the shop floor. Learn about data-driven strategies, successful case studies, and the importance of leadership and frontline collaboration. Now is the time to embrace digital transformation and stay competitive.



Join us for this exciting panel discussion and gain valuable industry knowledge while networking with peers.  Register now for this "Forward-Thinking Event for Manufacturing Leaders" and be part of the conversation.




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