Nov 7, 2023 | 6 min read

Momenta Welcomes Rockwell Automation

Momenta Welcomes Rockwell Automation to the Industry 5.0 Fund


Founded in 2012, Momenta has raised four previous venture funds focused on industrial impact. We launched our fifth fund earlier this year and aligned its investment thesis with the EU Commission’s Industry 5.0 initiative. Today, we proudly welcome Rockwell Automation, the world’s largest company dedicated to industrial automation and digital transformation, as the anchor investor in the “Industry 5.0” fund. 



While our investments in 50+ digital companies across energy, manufacturing, smart spaces, and supply chains demonstrate our focus on helping entrepreneurs create impact and valuable industrial outcomes, this is only the first step for us. We also strive to accelerate these companies, weaving them together with our ecosystem of industry titans to ‘co-create’ value. This is why we often refer to ourselves as ‘Venture Industrialists.’ 


Rockwell Automation is the titan in our space, a company that defines industrial automation in North America and, increasingly, the globe. This impact has never been needed more than today, with the rapid modernization of industrial infrastructure to support trends of re-shoring, resilience, and the move to renewable energy—all at a time of acute labor shortages. Industry 5.0 represents an ideal North Star, defining patterns for resilient, sustainable, and human-centric industrial operations.


“More than a decade ago, Momenta was established with a clear mission in mind - to harness the transformative power of digitalization in the industrial sector. We are pleased to have Rockwell as an anchor investor in our newest fund and a partner in co-creating industrial impact. This is a personal milestone for me, as I began my industrial automation career programming Allen Bradley controllers (now part of Rockwell Automation)," said Ken Forster, Momenta’s executive director and founder. This is a defining start to our next decade of industrial impact.” 


The launch of our Industry 5.0 fund expands our ability to work with startups that are creating industrial impact and redefining and revolutionizing their respective industries,” said Momenta’s managing partner, Michael Dolbec. “We will continue to partner with entrepreneurs, pushing the industry's future forward and driving economic growth with reduced resource intensity."


“We’re excited to partner with Momenta to find the start-ups poised to disrupt the industry and align with our purpose of expanding human possibility. Supporting and adopting technology that benefits all stakeholders is inherently beneficial for our shareholders as well,” said Cyril Perducat, senior vice president and Chief Technology Officer of Rockwell. “This partnership puts Rockwell in a unique position to provide early support and direction for innovative technology that will make our customers worldwide even more resilient, agile, and sustainable in years to come.” 


Momenta is actively making investments out of its Industry 5.0 fund.  Learn more at and contact the ventures team at 


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