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Momenta Podcast Turns 100!

In celebration of the Momenta Edge Podcast turning 100, we wanted to share some of the “must-listens” over the span of our 100 episodes. Here, we feature the top 10 most popular podcasts as well as some of the books that that our featured guests have recommended.


Top 10 podcasts of all time:

10. #68 Seeing Around Corners with Rita McGrath

#68_Momenta_Partners_podcast_DLS_RitaMcGrathWhy you should listen: Rita is a world-renowned business strategist, author and Professor at Columbia Business School who has dedicated her career to helping identify how to anticipate, plan for and manage disruptive change, providing for a fascinating conversation on business strategy and leadership.


9. #45 From Genesis to IoT to Big Bang with Rick Bulotta

#45_Momenta_Partners_podcast_Rick_BullottaWhy you should listen: Rick Bullotta founded two companies that have been pivotal in the development of Digital Industry: Lighthammer (acquired by SAP in 2005) and Thingworx (acquired by PTC in 2014). He shares perspectives on innovation, entrepreneurship and emerging technologies.


8. #29 Charting the Rise of Industrial AI with Ganesh Bell

#29_Momenta_Partners_podcast_Ganesh_BellWhy you should listen: Ganesh Bell is the President of Uptake, and in this episode, he focuses on how the application of Machine Learning and AI is driving a new generation of solutions that go beyond enterprise software and business process automation.


7. #70 Unlocking Industrial Insight with Cognite with Dr. Francois Laborie

#70_Momenta_Partners_podcast_DD_Francois_LaborieWhy you should listen: Dr. Francois Laborie is the President of Cognite North America. He shares his background working in aerospace and how this translates to the unique aspects of working with and managing industrial data.



6. #17 Understanding Microsoft and the Internet of Things with Sam George

#17_Momenta_Partners_podcast_Sam_GeorgeWhy you should listen: As Director of Azure IoT, Sam George takes the listener through the origins and evolution of Microsoft’s IoT strategy as well as his technical and strategic perspectives on AI, edge computing, blockchain and more.


5. #65 Powering the Next Generation of IoT with Uptake with Jay Allardyce

#65_Momenta_Partners_podcast_DD_Jay_Allardyce_v32Why you should listen: Jay Allardyce is the Chief Product Officer of Uptake. In this episode, he shares his visions for an AI-powered transformation and explores the dynamic landscape of IoT platforms and critical elements needed for success.



4. #66 How Dremio Makes Analytics Easier with Tomer Shiran

#66_Momenta_Partners_podcast_UP_Tomer_ShiranWhy you should listen: Tomer Shiran is the Co-Founder and CEO of Dremio, a company innovating at the nexus of cloud technology and data. He shares his approach to enabling big data analytics in addition to challenges he has faced in implementation.



3. #67 Scale, Speed and Trust with Hedera Hashgraph with Leemon Baird

#67_Momenta_Partners_podcast_UP_Leemon_BairdWhy you should listen: Dr. Leemon Baird is the Founder & Chief Scientist at Hedera Hashgraph and CTO of Swirlds Inc. He shares the origin story behind the Hashgraph technology, which was designedt to address shortcomings of existing approaches to online trust, in addition he shares insights into use cases.


2. #32 Helping Industrial IoT Become a Reality with Richard Soley

#32_Momenta_Partners_podcast_Richard_Soley_v2Why you should listen: Richard Soley is the Chairman and CEO of theObject Management Group, ExecutiveDirector of theIndustrial Internet Consortium (IIC) and founding partner of theIoT Solutions World Congress. His breadth of experience in IoT provides the basis for an exciting conversation on the future of the industry.


1. #1 Clean Disruption of Energy and Transportation with Tony Seba

#1Why you should listen: Tony Seba’s work on the impact of disruptive technologies at RethinkX has been highly influential to major decision makers in the investment community, in industry and governments worldwide. He dives into the thesis behind his work on disruption and his predictions for the future of energy and transportation.


At the end of every episode, we ask our guests for a recommendation of a book or resource that has resonated with them and shaped their thinking as a Digital Industry leader. Here are our 10 top recommendations (in no particular order):

Here's to another 100!



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