May 21, 2019 | 2 min read

Webinar #14

LPWAN: Ready to Take Connectivity's Center Stage?

During this webinar, we took a look at:

  • The current market landscape for LPWAN technologies
  • The opportunities for the different types of these technologies
  • Use cases for LPWAN in the IoT ecosystem
  • Best practices for incorporate LPWAN technologies into your products
  • The direction for IoT connectivity in the future

Webinar recording

The LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) market is booming. With many options for connectivity available, the landscape is becoming competitive with the continued expansion of IoT.

We featured four panelists that are deep practitioners in the field of LPWAN including Bruce Chatterley, CEO and President of Senet, a company providing connectivity solutions for IoT. The second being Jaap Groot, VP of Semtech who is also the Europe Vice-Chair for the LoRa Alliance. We also had William Yan, President of Americas at AVSystem who shape the world of connected devices. The last featured panelist was Ajay Rane, VP of Sigfox who provide a connectivity solution at the lowest energy consumption device-to-cloud.



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