May 11, 2023 | 3 min read


IIoT-World: Manufacturing Days

Register for the virtual "Manufacturing Event," bringing together Leaders from the Industrial Ecosystem.


Join Jane Arnold, Venture Partner at Momenta, on May 17th for "IIOT World Manufacturing Day," a virtual event presented by IIoT World.


The virtual IIoT Manufacturing event will bring experts from around the world to discuss IIoT and AI technologies in Manufacturing. Topics include digital transformation in manufacturing, plant-to-cloud connections, generative AI, cybersecurity, and best practices for OT security. The event targets executives, innovators, startups, and technology professionals. Attendees will gain valuable insights and networking opportunities to stay ahead in the manufacturing industry.


Join Jane Arnold as she moderates the panel discussion, "From Machine Data to Business Insights, Building the Foundations for Industrial Analytics."

Wednesday, May 17th, 10 - 11 AM (ET)


IIOT Speaker


In this panel discussion, IIoT experts will examine the critical elements of establishing a robust and adaptable framework for industrial analytics. 

  • The discussion covers the challenges and prospects of acquiring, preserving, and processing vast amounts of real-time machine data.
  • Panelists explore the best approaches for deploying IIoT solutions, edge computing, and data infrastructure.
  • Focus on enabling advanced analytics and enhancing operational efficiency.

Take advantage of this exciting opportunity to learn from industry leaders and explore the latest developments in IIoT. Watch a recording of the event here.




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