Dec 2, 2022 | 7 min read


IIoT World Manufacturing & Supply Chain Days 2022

Bringing Together Leaders from across the Industrial Ecosystem to discuss Manufacturing & Supply Chain challenges, trends, and innovation


Join Jamshed Dubash and Luke Smaul, Strategy Partners at Momenta, for the IIoT World online event, on December 7th and 8th. This free, virtual and global event will investigate the most innovative real-world applications of AI, AR, ML, and IIoT in manufacturing and supply chain.

IIoT subject matter experts from around the world will be sharing insights on smart manufacturing and the supply chain for manufacturing.


Some of the topics to be discussed are:

  • Digital Transformation Trends for Manufacturing & Supply Chain;
  • Data Management in Supply Chain;
  • Cybersecurity Risks in Manufacturing Supply Chains;

Who should attend:   6000+ attendees expected I 120+ nations I 30+ speakers

  • Plant Managers, Automation Managers
  • Process Engineers
  • Directors OT/IT, Automation, C-level Executives
  • Managers IoT Architecture, Software Engineers, Data Analytics Engineers
  • Project Leads Digitalization

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Share your thoughts, ideas, and questions with the world's best industrial IoT specialists in person.


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Jamshed Dubash will be participating in the following panel:


Wednesday, December 7th @ 9 - 10 am (ET)    Register here!


"The Opportunities of Digital Transformation for Manufacturing & Supply Chain"

Enhanced data collection, more robust resource management, Data-driven customer insights, a better customer experience, increased profits, increased agility, and improved productivity - these are just a few opportunities that digital transformation has to offer for Manufacturing & Supply Chain. Find out how industrial companies leverage digital transformation to their benefit and where you could start.



Luke Smaul will be moderating the following panel:


Thursday, December 8th @ 10 - 11 am (ET)    Register here!


"Accelerate time to value: Get More from Your Software Investment"

Manufacturers are compelled to be more productive and profitable as industrial sites and software grow increasingly complex. As a result, operators must respond to operational demands to reduce costs while increasing productivity. Also, managing the equipment to run more efficiently and incorporating best practices and monitoring requirements are not less essential. In short, everyone is being asked to do more with fewer resources. Join this panel to learn to get more from your software investment.


IIoT_2Learn about their successes, challenges, and best practices for investing in OT to accelerate time to value and maximize your chances of success!  Contact Luke Smaul ( directly to share your thoughts on any questions you may want me to ask.


Make sure to contact Jamshed Dubash and Luke Smaul to discuss the most recent developments and trends in Digital Industry.




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