Oct 18, 2019 | 1 min read

Webinar #17

Enterprise IoT Security: Connect and Protect

Security remains a top priority in today’s connected world. The market landscape is dynamic, innovative, and confusing at the same time. Navigating the ever-emerging threats requires vigilant expertise, which is always in short supply in a digitally accelerated world as every connected device and service has potential vulnerabilities. 

In this webinar, Momenta's Managing Director Ken Forster moderates a panel of security experts; Duncan Greatwood, CEO of Xage Security, Nicole Ford, VP, Chief Information Officer of Carrier, and Julie Fitton, VP, Digital Product Security of Stanley Black & Decker Inc. to discuss these key themes in digital security:
  • What is enterprise IoT security?
  • The current state of the security market
  • IT - OT gap
  • Data security and privacy 
  • Solutions and use cases

Webinar recording