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Investing in the Edge

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Meet the industry leaders and innovators driving the development of edge-native applications and infrastructures at the Edge Computing World. The edge computing market is the next evolution of the internet and will scale both capability and market size 10x.

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Edge Computing World is the premier series of events for the Edge Computing space, bringing together the entire edge market for learning and networking. Meet the industry leaders and innovators driving the development of edge-native applications and infrastructures.


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Panel: Investing in the Edge

To learn more about the latest investment trends and strategies in the Edge, we invite you to join the panel discussion with Ken Forster, Momenta's Executive Director.

Date: Thursday, June 23rd, 2022, @13:45 PM CET



Philippe Cases

Philippe Cases, CEO, Topio Netwerks

As an analyst, speaker, board member, and investor, Philippe assists leaders and organizations in capitalizing on technological waves.



Ken Forster

Ken Forster, Executive Director, Momenta

Ken is a Digital Industry veteran who has been building 'connected' products, services, and businesses for over 30 years with senior leadership roles at Fortune 100s and startups. Ten years ago, he founded Momenta, Digital Industry Venture Capital + Growth.

Andile Ngcabe

Andile Ngcabe, Founding Partner & Chairman, Convergence Partners Investments

A major EMEA tech investor, Andile has participated in ICT decision-making forums and influenced the formation of various African forums and organizations through his work with the ITU, ICANN, and the African Union. He was previously Director-General of Communications in the first democratically elected government of South Africa.


What are some of the questions you'd like answered during this panel discussion? Please send your questions directly to ken@momenta.one.




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