Jan 12, 2021 | 4 min read

Digital Industry Insight #47

2021 Digital Industry Predictions Part 1 of 3: Foundational Technologies

2021 - A Look Ahead: Foundational Technologies

Each year we look back, take stock of the present and look ahead at the technologies and trends likely to impact the way we work, the way businesses operate and the most exciting innovations ahead of us.  As we look into the new decade, there are advances in technologies that enable powerful new innovations, changes in how we work and create,  and changes in how we power growth and move about. 

In this three-part series we exploreFoundational Technologies”,How We Work” and “Where we are Going”. This blog post series will provide a high-level perspective and at the end of this series we will provide a more detailed 2021 outlook report, exploring the implications of these critical trends in a broader context. 


In the first part of our review, we look at five Foundational Technologies which we categorize as Building Blocks of the future. These technologies include: 


MP_iconAsset 11_21. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Everywhere

AI is becoming mainstream, embedded in applications and business processes across all industries. Breakthroughs like Deep Learning and new types of algorithms pave the way for more ground-breaking innovations.



MP_iconAsset 12_22. Connecting the Internet of Everything
While IoT spending took a hit in 2020, it is forecasted to accelerate in 2021 into the coming decade. Expect to see rapid innovations in both consumer, commercial and industrial applications, driving down costs, improving efficiencies and minimizing risk.


MP_iconAsset 13_23. 5G – Moving Data Bigger and Faster than Ever
With the launch of Apple’s iPhone 12 and a number of 5G-compatible Android phones on the market, 5G adoption is expected to skyrocket over the next few years, ushering a new era of powerful connected applications for consumers and businesses.


MP_iconAsset 15_24. Critical Infrastructure - Cloud Computing
Cloud has become essential to businesses adjusting to distributed workforces, and adoption is tracking so over half of all enterprise workloads will be executed in the cloud by next year. Additionally, the trend toward multi-cloud adoption will accelerate in 2021 as businesses use a growing range of cloud services.


MP_iconAsset 14_25. Blockchain Maturing in 2021
With Bitcoin experiencing a resurgence of interest at the end of 2020, the underlying technology of blockchain for enterprises is also coming into view. Decentralized finance has become one of most prominent crypto trends, laying the groundwork for “enterprise DeFi,” which has the potential to transform financial services operations.


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