Jan 14, 2022 | 5 min read

Placement Announcement

ILS Appoints Rob Suhs

The Momenta Executive Search team congratulates Robert Suhs on his placement as Vice President of Global Sales at ILS (Inventory Locator Service, LLC).


ILS, the leading digital marketplace and business intelligence services provider for the aviation industry, has appointed Robert Suhs as Vice President of Global Sales.


Suhs is a dynamic and seasoned sales leader who brings a 20+ year track record in building and executing successful multi-channel commercial aerospace businesses. Suhs will scale ILS’s sales organization and drive its global sales strategy, execution, and revenue growth in his new role.


Prior to ILS, Suhs served for 9+ years as Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Magellan Aviation Group, a leading global supplier of aircraft components and services. His previous roles within the aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) sector include Director of Business Development for PAS Technologies and Sales Executive for Delta Airlines TechOps Division.


Aviation parts is a $90+ billion a year industry that to date has leveraged almost none of the eCommerce technology that we use in our daily lives as internet consumers. ILS is leveraging these touchpoints and the associated information gathered to expand its capabilities and workflows within its marketplace to deliver increased value to customers and the industry and change how aviation parts and services are bought and sold.


“Momenta is thrilled to support ILS’ vision to innovate the future marketplace and supply chain for aviation parts and services, as well as expand its aerospace market intelligence capabilities,” said Richard White, Managing Partner of Momenta’s Executive Search Practice. “We look forward to watching Robert Suhs continue his successful track record of results-driven sales leadership with ILS.”





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About ILS (Inventory Locator Service, LLC)

For buyers and sellers of parts, equipment, and services in the commercial and defense aerospace industry seeking to optimize their procurement, supply chain, and MRO services, ILS provides the largest worldwide digital marketplace and aerospace business intelligence services. Trusted by the aerospace industry for over 40 years, ILS helps more than 28,000 users in over 100 countries make better decisions faster with the most comprehensive AI/ML-driven data services and the largest verified aerospace part inventory worldwide. ILS is a CAMP company which is owned by HEARST.



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