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Digital Industry Insight #51

2021 Digital Industry Prediction Report

Find out the most important technologies and trends for 2021 and beyond

Each year Momenta looks back, takes stock of the present and looks ahead at the technologies and trends likely to impact the way we work, the way businesses operate and the most exciting innovations ahead of us.  


Read our 2021 Digital Industry Predictions Report to understand how evolving technologies will impact our life, transform how we communicate, collaborate and do business. 

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Momenta's Prediction Report examines the following three
key themes: 


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1. The top Foundational Technology trends:

In the first part of our review, we look at five Foundational Technologies which we categorize as Building Blocks of the future.

  • Building Blocks of the future: AI & Machine Learning
  • Connecting the Internet of Everything
  • 5G Moving Data Bigger and Faster than Ever
  • Critical Infrastructure Cloud Computing
  • Blockchain Maturing in 2021


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2. The Changes in "How we work": 

During the pandemic, we saw enormous changes in work including location of employees, adoption of automation, and rising emphasis on wellness and corporate responsibility. We expect that these changes will persist and define the nature of work over the next decade and beyond.

  • The shift to centralized workspaces
  • Continued adoption of robotics and automation
  • The ascendence of employee wellness as a corporate priority

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3. "Where we are going" and how we’re going to get there with these three compelling trends:

The future of clean energy is becoming ever more a reality as costs decline, promising economically viable alternatives to traditional carbon-based fuels. The revolutions are underway in energy, transportation and space.

  • The rise of cheap Energy sources
  • The surging growth of Electric Vehicles 
  • The exciting developments around the emerging space economy


Download the 2021 Prediction Report




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