Dec 20, 2017 | 3 min read

8 IIoT Predictions for 2018 (No.1): AR gets more real

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Eight IIoT predictions for 2018

We have seen an enormous amount of progress in the industrial ecosystem in 2017. The ever-evolving landscape of Digital Transformation is in full speed providing many exciting new business models as well as providing solutions to some of the problems that have plagued traditional industries since their inception. We see longstanding business models reinvented as more businesses are realizing the need to digitally transform their businesses. We're also starting to move from pilots to ROI as the adoption of connected devices is  accelerating industries like manufacturing and energy according to a recent Verizon study.

Momenta Partners is committed to helping our clients, partners, and stakeholders navigate this evolving landscape and deliver sustainable value from Connected Industry.  To achieve this, we keep our finger on the pulse regarding industry trends and developments. Here's what we see as the 8  key developments for 2018 in IIoT, with suggested resources to enable you to learn more: 


Prediction No.1: 


Augmented Reality will get more real in Industrial IoT

Although Virtual Reality technologies like Oculus and HTC Vive have captured public imagination, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality technologies such as those offered by PTC’s Vuforia platform and Microsoft HoloLens continue to gain ground for business use cases. The ability to overlay digital information on the real world via smartphone/tablet or headset provides invaluable guidance and context for technicians, remote experts and service professionals. As the first generation of AR technologies matures, there are more and more viable applications for high-value industrial use cases in industries like oil and gas, mining, manufacturing, aerospace and remote field service. For example, DAQRI has developed a helmet that can just protect workers from falling objects but enable them to spot hazards and help them from making mistakes when repairing equipment. Augmate has developed a platform to enable organizations to provision, manage and monitor wearable devices, including AR devices that help field service professionals repair and maintain sophisticated industrial equipment with data from connected assets. As AR devices become more mature, smaller and more powerful, we expect increasing adoption in Industrial IoT scenarios in 2018. 


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Stay tuned for our 2nd prediction in our Eight IoT Themes for 2018.