For almost a decade, businesses have faced the choice of embracing digital transformation or watching competitors grow stronger, faster, more efficient—and more profitable.

We arrived at this juncture on the heels of a revolution called Industry 4.0, which swept the manufacturing industry across a multigenerational journey, from the industrial revolution to the digital transformation and beyond. But as technology advancements accelerate rapidly, this cresting digital wave has poured out of the factory floor, and into society as a whole.

In a groundbreaking report, the European Union lamented the growing tech-driven societal divide and a need for guiding principles to help set the course for the future of Digital Industry.

This is where Industry 5.0 comes into play. Industry 5.0 is a framework for re-imagining the future of energy, manufacturing, mobility, and supply chains. It builds upon and complements the meaningful groundwork paved by Industry 4.0 while attempting to promote a symbiotic relationship between man and machine.


In this report, we will discuss the forces that are driving the industry 5.0 wave:

PART 1: Industry 5.0 – The ESG Union of Man and Machine

PART 2: The (R)evolutionary Foundations of Industry 5.0

PART 3: A More Human-Centric Approach to Emerging Technologies

PART 4: The Evolution of More Beneficial Outcomes

PART 5: How to Get Ready for Industry 5.0



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