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Momenta is the leading Digital Industry retained executive search firm delivering impactful leadership across energy, manufacturing, smart spaces and supply chain.

Momenta - the best among Industrial IoT executive search firms

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Accenture is a Momenta client
Beyond Limits is a Momenta client
BrightInsight is a Momenta client
Cloudleaf is a Momenta client
Descartes Labs  is a Momenta client
EquipmentShare is a Momenta client
Hitachi is a Momenta client
Caban Systems is a Momenta client
Carrier is a Momenta client
Mix Telematics is a Momenta client
SAP is a Momenta client
Schneider Electric is a Momenta client
Sight Machine is a Momenta client
Crate.io is a Momenta client
Xage is a Momenta client
Xylem is a Momenta client
PLAT.ONE is a Momenta client
Deutsche Telekom is a Momenta client
Digi is a Momenta client
GoExpedi is a Momenta client
Oden Technologies is a Momenta client
Macquarie is a Momenta client
casa systems is a Momenta client
Freewire is a Momenta client
Semtech is a Momenta client
Sigfox is a Momenta client

Over the past year we have engaged Momenta for three C level searches, including one that we moved from another firm after receiving little traction. They demonstrated an understanding of our needs, business cycle and culture in the candidates he brought forward.  We have been very pleased with the candidate pool, efficiency of the process and ability to close our preferred candidates.

Carol Brummer, Head of People Operations

I chose Momenta for several senior searches because of their network in the Internet of Things space. They quickly found candidates of a much higher caliber than I was seeing from other firms. If you’re looking for the best talent in this space, Momenta knows where to find it.

Mike Flannagan, Senior Vice President Intelligent Enterprise Solutions

Momenta has been the best search firm I've used - truly a partner in understanding the business and sourcing high quality aligned people that have helped in multiple companies in different industries as we work on our digital transformation of traditional defensive industries.

Ryan J. Morris, CFA, President

 Momenta has been an indispensable talent search partner that helped us build our senior IoT and digital transformation team. They were committed, efficient, and tireless in their efforts to find the very best talent that fit our criteria. Momenta has a proven industry track record and were the right firm for the job.

Prith Banerjee, Former CTO

Throughout our engagement, Momenta was a thorough, attentive, and informative partner. The candidates presented to us were exceptional and aligned with our organizational philosophies. The energy sector is rapidly changing and Momenta’s clear insight into the industry helped us seamlessly identify and hire an SVP Sales North Americas that is uniquely positioned to drive our next phase of growth.

Chris White, Executive Vice President, Chief Sales Officer

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We advise on Digital Industry strategies, operations and technologies to activate and accelerate enterprise value.


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