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We are Industrial Impact Venture Capital + Growth

We see digital technologies redefining the boundaries of IT and OT, bringing about the virtualizing of traditional operating technology systems, and blurring the line between products, services and solutions. We believe this digital convergence requires an equally multi-faceted perspective and practice – which is why we designed Momenta.


Momenta is the leading Industrial Impact venture capital firm, accelerating industrial innovators across energy, manufacturing, smart spaces, and the supply chain. For over a decade, our team of deep industry operators has helped scale industry leaders and innovators to improve critical industries, the environment, and people's quality of life.

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We advise on Digital Industry strategies, operations and technologies to activate and accelerate enterprise value.



Momenta aims to make every organization sound through applications of technology.

The Internet is a powerful tool for search, but it lacks form. Machines are tangible objects that produce products, but they lack networks. The Internet and machines are decision deficient as neither can think on its own; therefore, spontaneous sharing does not exist. Humans bring it all together.

Sensors emit data but have limited connections. Actuators move and control objects but need instructions. Computers create instructions but need data and programing.

Fractured networks, distributed knowledge, the need for coordination; we believe in harnessing these to the benefit of people and organizations. Our skills bring things together to form lasting infrastructure. It's these systems that integrate information and push forth unrivaled success. This is our goal and passion. This is the way we create value. Minute by minute, day by day, we adorn no pomp in doing the hard tasks.

On each day we learn of a new way or method and perfect innovative technique. And it doesn't escape our view. It becomes part of our organizational memory and a lasting legacy for future engagements.

We tear down the technology of the past and build up the organizations of the future. At the center we respect people. We share experiences, teach, nurture, and train. No part of the team is an outsider.

Our philosophy is of action and practicality, knowledge with purpose. It is vision with results. We define, measure, and achieve.


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