Find out how Momenta helped a world-leading wind turbine manufacturer grow revenue and market share by evolving into a best-in-class digital solutions provider, too. 



100+ years of innovation, drive, and adaptivity had placed the world’s largest wind turbine manufacturer in an enviable market position with over 590 gigawatts of installed capacity. 

However, they could hardly rest on their laurels. The larger renewable energy sector was booming, and competition was mounting. Consequently, the company was spurred to increase its offering to defend market share and ensure strong long-term growth.


The solution Momenta came up with to create a seamless digital solution to these challenges is no small task. It involves skill sets, competencies, and business models that are not typically part of the DNA of mechanical-engineering-oriented companies. 


Thanks to Momenta the client is now able to:

  • Reduce decision risk 
  • Ensure operational and cultural alignment 
  • Accelerate time-to-value 

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