Keep abreast of the most recent telematics innovations that are transforming business operations.

Telematics has grown rapidly in recent years. New digital technologies are expanding fleet management possibilities and creating new ways of integrating telematics solutions into business operations.


This webinar is for Digital Industry executives at OEMs, Tier 1s, and technology providers interested in leveraging Telematics to transform their business operations.



Find out how telematics solutions are transforming commercial operations.

With over 20 million commercial vehicles in the US and an annual growth rate of over 20%, telematics is a mandatory ingredient for improving business operations. In recent years, telematics solutions and systems have advanced. The rapid evolution of telematics and the associated market dynamics are hastening the disruption of the telematics value chain, with new competitors challenging the established OEMs and their suppliers. 


A panel of telematics experts will discuss the following topics during this webinar:
  • The evolution of telematics
  • Telematics trends and specific use cases
  • Market forces driving disruptions and impacting market dynamics 
  • New architectures and evolving ecosystems  
  • Deep dive into how telematics is revamping construction operations 

Find out how Telematics solutions can provide value-added services, drive engagement in new ways, and create new business opportunities for your organization.



Webinar Speakers


Doug Harp

Managing Partner / CTO -
Momenta Advisory


Bill O'Such

Strategy Partner -
Momenta Advisory

Alan Berger

Alan Berger

Managing Partner -

Mike Branche

Mike Burke

VP, Data and Analytics -

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