Waste Hero

Founded: 2017 | HQ: Aarhus, Denmark




waste hero


Waste Hero is an end to end IoT-enabled waste collection solution powered by smart sensors and a routing algorithm allowing cities and businesses to more easily manage and collect waste. Businesses save money with more efficient pickups without overflowing bins or too many pickups and are able to meet green initiatives set by city and country governments. Cities meanwhile save money on inefficient routing of pickups, excess CO2 emission while avoiding overflowing bins of customers or contaminated streets due to trash being left out.



Due to the standard “scheduled” trash pickup 9 out of 10 waste bins in the world are emptied either too early or too late. When bins are emptied too late it leads to overflowing bins, unhappy citizens or customers, potential for contamination, and additional need to clean areas in some cases. On the other hand, when bins are emptied to early this is an inefficient use of both human time and fuel for collection trucks as well as additional traffic and noise in cities. In the past it has been difficult to implement smart waste solutions due to high cost, complexity of install and inaccurate sensors.



Waste Hero’s wireless optical sensor accurately measures fill level of waste bins, while combined with their intelligent routing algorithm allows cities and businesses to have far more efficient pickup schedules that can save up to 70% of their waste management budget. Due to the use of Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) like LoRaWAN® the sensors have over 5 years of battery life, meaning cities and businesses don’t need to spend time with expensive wired installs or swapping out new sensors.