Founded: 2013 | HQ: San Jose, California, US





Nubix provides an edge compute architecture that makes it easy to develop and deploy IoT and edge applications. The Nubix platform runs on the tiniest compute devices (MCU’s and MPU’s), enabling developers to easily process data on sensor devices where the data is created and not on fog or cloud systems.



According to IoT Analytics the number of connected and active IoT devices is expected to grow from just under 10 billion devices to more than 21 billion devices in 2025. Other forecasts go as far as expecting 100 billion IoT devices in the market in 2025. This provides new challenges for developers and manufacturers. Analyzing data in the cloud or near the edge is not enough. Edge devices need additional analytics capabilities to provide actionable insights at the data signal level. This requires more compute capabilities, AI, and analytics at the device level, coming with additional challenges including regular firmware updates, etc.



Nubix has developed a technology that provides a better and more scalable edge device software architecture. The architecture helps to break up the currently monolithic structure of Firmware and Analytics for edge devices. Nubix provides an architecture that separates the basic firmware from the software/services that the edge device performs, and allows deployment of application logic independently of the core operating system on tiny devices using ARM Cortex-M

The Nubix architecture uses containerization, allowing easy updates and scalability of analytics without touching the basic firmware of devices.