Founded: 2013 | HQ: San Jose, California, US





NanoThings provides an inexpensive active temperature and location monitoring tag at a price point which makes it already disposable for high value use-cases. The tag and the software stack are being built to be application-agnostic and the company, along with its partners, is working to make the tag radio-agnostic, thus expanding verticals and use-cases that the solution can address.



Today its cost’s over $75 to monitor the temperature of a single food shipment from food producer to buyer. 95% of the industry uses data loggers which are labor intensive and have no real time data collection. The other 5% use cellular powered temperature monitors which cost at least $200 each making them cost prohibitive as well. This also means that most of the industry has no end-to-end visibility of their foods even when paying the $75 per shipment. Additionally, these costs to cold storage companies will only become greater due to rising concerns about food safety, increasing government regulations, and the increasing population of the world.



NanoThings flagship product is the NanoTag, a disposable, cheap ($3), and flexible tag that can monitor temperature and location at a fraction of the price currently available trackers can. In addition, it provides long rang monitoring (100 miles to the nearest gateway) allowing for tracking through cellular dead zones. Once a NanoTag is added to a shipment there is no need for physical labor from anyone in the supply chain. NanoThings also provides a platform for monitoring the data coming off of these devices or companies can connect them to their own monitoring platforms via API. While cold-chain tracking is currently the focus use case of the company, the NanoTag can be used in other verticals like Parcel Delivery, Print Media, Medical, and Pharmaceutical.